Wanted to share this with you for a couple of reasons. One, because I was very surprised to hear it myself and felt the need to make a change and voice my reasons why and two, because if anyone reading this has plans or intentions to raise money for anything in the near future, it will most definitely point you in a certain direction!

This weekend I was in Manchester delivering an NSPCC London Marathon training  seminars to some of the 1000 strong NSPCC team running this April.

The day was held at the Virgin Money Lounge in Manchester's City Centre and part of the seminar including a talk by Emma from the Virgin Money Giving team. She really opened my eyes to the fundraising websites. I had originally set up my fundraising page with 'Just Giving'. To be honest they were the only one I knew of and I made the assumption that all of these sites worked on the same basis, taking a small percentage on the fundraising money and sending the most part onto the charity, in my case Bloodwise.

What I was very disappointed to find out was that 'Just Giving' take considerably more than Virgin who take only 2% of the money people donate. On hearing this my decision was made to move my fundraising page to Virgin Money Giving with immediate effect, which meant starting again, but now I am happier knowing that 98% of the money you guys sponsor me goes to the charity and not into a marketing budget, of some CEO's bonus package!

Quick update with things.... I have a meeting with the people at the Blenhiem Triathlon tomorrow (Tuesday) to finalise the plans and logistics on the actual day of the event. I am ready to start the PR and media side of the challenges and have press and media stuff in the diary which is not my favourite thing, but an important part of the process. I have plans to start a video diary this week, which will be bi-weekly and used on my website and social media, so it's all go!

On top of this, and you will hear this a lot over the coming months.... A massive 'thank you' to my Mrs, my staff and my colleagues that are already being patient and forgiving about the training I am doing and have planned. I always knew that fitting in the training for these challenges around my already considerable work schedule was going to be tough on everyone concerned, so I have to mention everyone who is supporting me on this journey. 'THANK YOU!'

I hope this post is of interest and hopefully it will help a few of you fundraisers get even more money to your chosen charities this season!

Speak soon,