I wanted to ask the question....

"When did the Guinness World Records become only about making money and not about celebrating the amazing achievements of people and raising money for charity?"

So, to continue my rant about the GWR people. I had initially had my record applications rejected and this started a long winded and frustrating back-and-forth with GWR via their automated message system on their website.  This is the ONLY way they will allow you to make contact and it states on the website 'allow up to 2 weeks for a reply'.

In their defence they usually got back to me quicker than two weeks but it meant lots and lots of days with no news and waiting for something, anything! With so many things to be discussed this whole process was now dragging on into 5+ months from my initial application, Christmas was coming and I wanted/needed to start planning training, and get things organised to maximise the fundraising time.

We finally got somewhere.... not the World Record attempt I wanted, but at least it was an attempt. GWR accepted the attempt that involves me completing as many sprint distance triathlon in 12hrs which was great. But, they then felt the need to add a target for me to achieve, although the record doesn't exist?

I had to ask why. Their answer was... 'Their  US team had done some research'????

So, I now face a World Record attempt knowing that the limit of 10 triathlons was quite impossible on the Blenhiem course and they won't allow my record to stand even if there is no record in place! I am hopefully that once I have completed the attempt in June and provided the evidence, assuming no-one has taken the record already, GWR might allow my record to stand. But, I will worry about that after i've tried.

Moving forward, I have an attempt so now to start training and promoting my attempt with the goal to raise money for charity!

Yes, you guessed it.... GWR were there to get in the way and mess this up too!

I will tell you about that in part 3 of my GWR story. Training has started and I am now 5 weeks into my plan after a great first month of training.

Total hours training in Month 1 = 45:20:23 hrs

Total distance covered in Month 1 = 435.72 miles

Total number of sessions completed in Month 1 = 30 sessions

Speak again soon,