he rule of three or power of three is a writing principle that suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things.

In my case today, the quote "bad things always happen in threes" was more appropriate! This entry is partly a rant and partly therapy to try and prevent me feeling any further anger and frustration out of my system.

One: My day started with a 3am alarm call and my usual drive/commute to Mansfield where our factory is based. The drive was quiet and everything was going smoothly until the dreaded 'warning' light came on the dashboard. It was for coolant level, a issue i've been having for a while, so this meant a 4am stop at a service station to fill-up, not a huge problem, but an inconvenience, and I should have seen this as a sign!

I drove up to the house and arrived for 6:15am so decided to rest up for an hour before heading to work, I was more tired then I had hoped so missed by planned swim session before work and arrived at work ready for a productive day at my desk working on the many new projects we have going on right now as we plan for next year.

Two: After catching up with my emails, my first main job of the day was to go collect the design computer that we had some work completed on over the weekend. It was leaving the computer shop where my day turned really bad. I loaded the car and headed off to Asda where I had some shipping to do. 

On arrival at Asda I got out of the car and had this horrible feeling when I looked at the passenger seat of the car to NOT see my wallet. Where had it gone? I was almost certain I had put it in the car with the computer when I loaded the car, but it wasn't there now!

I immediately called the computer ship and asked him to look outside the shop and asked him to have a look in the only place my wallet could have been dropped... Nothing! I drove back to the shop, asked in the other shops, had anyone handed it in... Nothing! At this point I felt sick, I have never lost a wallet before with bank cards, family photos, cash, Arsenal season ticket, NI card, Driving license and more all inside I was starting to panic.

After a few minutes of looking I called Lloyds bank and cancelled ALL of my cards, then called home and followed that with a call to my insurance people Sentinel. Initially I thought things were going to be ok, Sentinel said they can cover me for my wallet, for £200.00 cash and all of my cards, I spoke to a helpful women who told me she would send me an email with details to process my claim. It's all bollocks... 

- They will refund the money I spend on buying a new wallet? Why would I do that, I've just lost more cash than they will replace and I have a wallet at home so I'm not going to buy a new one and waste money I don't have!

- They will refund my for up to £200.00 if I can prove how much cash and where it came from?  Is this possible for anyone to do? How do I prove I had the cash in my wallet unless I happen to ave just withdrawn it from the bank and even then who keeps the piece of paper!!! This is a perfect example of insurance companies screwing you over and how people abusing the system has ruined things for us honest people!

So, I had cancelled all my cards, I had no money, I was looking at getting nothing from my insurance and I had a full day of work and a drive home back to London later with no petrol and no money to buy petrol.

Three: I really didn't think my day could get any worse but it did. I arrived back at the factory to the news that another one of the computers was not working, I had the girls sat around with no work because the computers were down and the final nail in the coffin was realising that I had additional cash in my wallet that I had forgotten about! 

At this point I was done, I had no patience, I was angry with myself and decided to write today off as a non-event and go back home to London, to Marsha and forget about today. 

I wish I had never got out of bed today, but I did and what a disaster of day it turned out to be. One of the most disappointing things about today is that I have NO faith in people. I can't believe that all the personal information in my wallet, the fact that the wallet was dropped in front of three open shops and the scumbag that picked up my wallet can't do the right thing and hand it in or contact me! 

I am going to bed now, I have got this off my chest and I want to wake up tomorrow and forget today ever happened! Sorry for ranting....