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Good and F#@king bad!

I am not sure I am using this blog correctly because I only seem to write negative words and use it to vent my frustration at things.

I am afraid this entry comes with more frustration and in some cases anger, but I will try to find some positives in my words and hope I don't come across too badly?

I wanted to write today because I have had a strange day, a day that at 7pm required me going out for a 15km run to clear my head and let off some steam, something that really isn't me! I don't think there was any one thing that caused me to 'need' tonights run, but a combination of things which include...

1) Guiness World Records - F#@king bad!

Yes they haven't been too helpful and the final straw from them was when we asked about using the GWR logo. Do you know that you are expected to pay £1500 +VAT per week or £4000 +VAT per month if you want to use the Guinness World Record logo! they tried to justify this price which a lovely PDF presentation showcasing all the multi-national businesses that can easily afford this money to promote records that help sell them product and promote their brand, but who or what do they think I am? #DaylightRobbery

2) Fundraising - F#@king bad!

I have always liked the thought of doing something that raised money for a charity and helping people. I never thought it would be this hard. I knew I had to do something hard enough to make sure people were happy to sponsor me and in my challenges I thought I had. I would also think I had based on how many people have told me how tough they think it will be, how crazy I am, how I fit in the training around work etc. So, after all these comments why have I such a pathetic amount of money raised? What do I have to do to get people to sponsor me for the challenges I am attempting? #WhatDoIHaveToDo

3) Timing the Blenhiem World Record attempt F#@king bad!

I had a phone call last week from the organisers of the Blenhiem triathlon., who have been amazing in the planning of the record attempt. They unfortunately had some bad news for me. They informed me that the people who do the timing for their event had asked for over £1500 to time my record. So, they want an extra amount of money to start a little earlier and work a little later for someone who is just raising money for charity! Everyone seems to want money from me when all I am trying to do is raise money to 'give' to an amazing cause! #ItsForCharity

4) Training - Good and F#@king bad!

The training is going well. The only problem I do have is I need more hours in the day. I currently am working harder than I have ever worked with RG Active, RGMM and QSW all growing nicely, but this requires 16-20 hour days and more stress than I have ever dealt with. Right now training is my escape, its the only alone time I get and it acts well as a de-stresser, but then the pressure of performance for the challenges doesn't always help with the de-stressing, I was told this week that my social media posts suggest I am finding the training easy... WRONG! I just don't like posting pictures where I look like shit, but maybe thats what I have to do, maybe it will help with getting people to fundraise? #ItsHarderThanItLooks

5) Thank you - Good

There has to be some good doesn't there? Well the good stuff comes in the form of family, friends and sponsors. My partner Marsha is my rock, my boys Taylor and Mason are always there for me and help keep me well and truly routed on the ground, and my Mum Carole who works her butt off to help make the businesses keep ticking and as always is there to support my efforts. Then we have my friends, they help out, they support me and they advise me. The sponsors have to be mentioned, they continue to supply me with product and equipment that makes the training and the recovery that little easier and I love them all! #ThankYou

To mention the specific sponsors: Etixx, CEP, Rose bikes, HUUB, CurranZ, Bolle, Altra.  

Believe it or not, I am feeling a little better after writing this. So, I am going to go to bed... it's 01:04am and I have packing for a training camp to do tomorrow along with a double run and a mountain of work and meetings to attend.

I hope this wasn't too negative and I hope to speak to you again soon,