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2016 Challenge 2 - 5hr Swim Session - DONE!

Hello Everyone,

A quick debrief after another challenge completed!

If you didn't know, yesterday I completed the 2nd challenge of my 2016 season by successfully completing a 5hr swim session. The session was 100m efforts off 2mins (swim and recovery) continuously for 5hrs.
Firstly I would like to thank everyone that came down to Surrey Sports Park to either just show their support or whose who got in with me for a few 100m efforts. I would also like to make a special mention to my amazing Mrs Marsha El-Hage (who herself swum a new furthest distance of 6.5km during the 5hrs) and Simon Kibble & my Mum Carole Brame. these three were there at the beginning and still there after 5+ hrs on a very hot poolside providing motivation, nutrition, support and assistance, I couldn't have done it without you.

Anyway, how did it go?

I started at 11:50am and had decided that I would break the challenge up into blocks of 10 x 100m and I would allow people to join me at the start of each 10 but not in the middle, this would allow me a routine. Once I got going I settled down into a steady 1:25min pace per 100m so getting 35secs rest and until about block 5 I was feeling good. I never had any idea of time until Simon told me I was half way, so it was just a case of managing each block of 10 x 100m. Through blocks 6-8 I struggled, my shoulders started to feel tight and my times dropped to 1:30-1:34mins per 100m but I knew if I could get to the 100 x 100m point I was going to happy..... even if I didn't make the full 5hrs.

I did the whole 100 x 100m with no toys, no pull buoy or paddles and was genuinely proud of myself, I had had my doubts and after a Thursday and Friday or driving and lifting/moving heavy office furniture and a Saturday or more driving and 100+km hilly ride, I did wonder whether I would have even got to this point!
After the 100th 100m it was tough, and I did really have a wobble (literally) about 12km into the session, but as I got nearer the end people kept arriving to show their support and I just kept checking off each 100m effort.

I finished the session hurting in places I have never hurt before, my back, arms, lats and triceps were pounding, but I was super happy and feel I am another step closer to my World Record attempt at The Blenheim Palace Triathlon in a few weeks!

Challenge totals:

Total swim time: 05:03:12hrs
Total swim distance: 14.5km or 14,500m
Total lengths (of a 50m pool): 290 lengths
Total toilet stops: 3 breaks of 2-3mins

If you don't know these crazy 'challenges' are all in aid of the Bloodwise‪#‎Charity‬ and I am hoping to raise as much money for them as possible in 2016. I have at least 6 more challenges planned and any amount you can spare to support me, to support this amazing charity is greatly appreciated. The link is below.....

My Virgin Money Giving page: My page: